In loving memory of Tannie Oufie

My wife and I feel like we have lost a family member.  Even though we saw this person only once – and each of us separately at that.

In fact I am not even sure that the Tannie Oufie that I saw is the same as the one that Carla met years later :-).  But I suspect there are only so many Tannie Oufie’s out there.

Tannie Oufie was one of those people who may just restore a person’s faith in the charismatic movement.

Whatever she shared was done with complete honesty and openness and ‘accurate’ to the degree where it defied my logic.  And to top it off she even declined an offer for financial support.

Tannie Oufie literally saved my life on more than one occasion.

And now she is with God.

And I cannot remember when is the last time that I felt such a loss over the passing of a person while not actively mourning the fact that they are not present with me anymore.

I would have ended by saying “rest in peace tannie Oufie”…

But I don’t really believe she is resting 🙂


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