“Your Father knows what you need”

So I reckon my wife is in a good place…

I recently asked her to pray with me over the course of action we are taking and she came back to me with a completely different answer..

Yes, I think that is a good thing

Even if me and my wife are completely delusional about this thing of “hearing God” interesting conclusions can be drawn from this and interesting questions should be asked..

I am probably going to elaborate more on the principle of justification as I see it some other time, but for now, suffice to say, that we do not believe God minces his words.  That is because he knows exactly what to say and how to say it.  But appart from that I am convinced that God only speaks when it is right to speak.  Naturally God decides when it is right and wrong but bear with me for a moment and suspend your theology.  Imagine with me for a second that “mother” God is dying to speak to us but “father” God does not want to i.e.  it shouldn’t happen because it is not right.  Fair enough – nothing is going to happen.  There is a lot of “better” / more politically corect ways to make this statement like example “THE DESIRED WILL OF GOD AND THE ORDAINED WILL OF GOD(big voice)” but putting it like that will kinda miss the “spirit” of what I’m trying to do here.

So the “soft” side of God longs only for intimacy and nourishment/nurturing while the “hard” side of God wants the wold and everything in it to thrive in the long run.  That’s all fine but how does that line up in my mind with Carla praying about one thing and getting another?

As usual it takes a while to set the table.

So I am convinced (and Carla with me) that God only speaks when there is justification to do so.  Think of justification as “currency” going around in the world.  The more things are aligned with God’s nature the more God is free to act and do what He wants.  If things are not aligned with his nature then he has to either 1.  Judge the situation and set it right or 2.  Walk away entirely (or at least far enough as to not “look upon sin”).

Now Christians like me who believe that Jesus is still coming, but is dealying for the sake of his flock, understand that direct intervention from God at this point in history is near impossible.  I understand that “faith accomplishes all things!!!!” but frankly I don’t come close to having that faith.

Within this framework Carla’s “prayer of faith” is enough to get God to speak a few words.  Aparently enough for an impression and a statement of truth.  But apparently not enough to answer the question “so what now?”.  For that apparently much more prayer is required.  At the moment we are in between a rock and hard place.

Now again – I don’t believe the reason for information to be limited is because “GOD DESIRES FOR US TO SEEK AFTER HIM AND HE IS EVER DRAWING US CLOSE!!!(big voice)”.  Sure all that but I my explaining is much simpler.  1.  There is a chance that it is not good for God to speak more on the issue  2.  It is probably not right for God to speak more about the issue.  I.E.  “THERE IS NOT ENOUGH JUSTIFICATION TO GO AROUND!!!(small voice trying to sound like big voice)”.

So why am I impressed?

Well it occured to me this morning on the way to work that for God to speak to Carla about something completely different than what she was praying about it had to  be RIGHT for God to do so.  It occured to me that God was really “having his way” in Carla and apparently that was ok.  Now since I don’t believe it is ok for God to do so with the devil it lead me to consider the relationship that Carla must have with God in prayer.

So it occured to me that in prayer Carla’s will must be near totally submitted to the will of God.  I found that suprizing because I did not know that it was possible for her to submit 🙂

Jokes aside – it occured to me that God completely swiped her request aside and focused on what He thought she really needed to know – and apparently it was righteouss and just for him to do so (hold on to the fact that I do not believe it is right for God to give you anything other than what you ask for if you are not submitted to him – consider God’s conversation with Satan about Job).

And the LORD said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil? and still he holdeth fast his integrity, although thou movedst me against him, to destroy him without cause.


– King James Bible “Authorized Version”, Cambridge Edition

So God gave Satan what is right and what is not good.  But that is what he wanted and since it was right God was not justified to withold it…

God gives my wife something completely different than what she asks for and the two of them just carriy on as if nothing happened…

It occured to me that my wife is very unlike Satan….

Naturally this impresses me…

God is “justified” because of the attitute of my wife in prayer to completely brush her point aside and give her what He thinks is good for her….  and that is justified

I am impressed…  kudos wife 🙂



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